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Iconoclastic Marketing Strategies for Unusual Targets

I help tech companies attack government, highly regulated industries, or old-fashioned industries


Hi, I'm Shana

I'm a growth and product marketer with 10+ years of experience


I’ve worked with tech, media, marketplace, and SAAS startups to help them find the language-audience and channel-audience fit they need to crack & scale unusual markets, like government or regulated industries

Typically companies that work with me:

  • Find the right partnerships and product-driven stories for publicity in relevant industry media, often driving inbound press requests

  • Develop significant social media followings, often 2-5x over the initial base, alongside strong content offerings

  • Create a strong pipeline of marketing qualified leads

  • Develop sales enablement material that accurately reflects the true voice of the customer and the job they are trying to complete

Most companies that work with me typically close their first sales within 6 months. One even had an exit to Alphabet [Google]

Growth can be an emotionally and technically difficult process.

I always start my process with an introductory call.  This call covers naturally occuring questions founders and marketing leaders may have about the challenges their business currently face and the status of their current marketing program.


It also covers the emotions that arise among many founders and marketing leaders, as developing robust marketing strategies often can prove or disprove theses about the product being sold. 


From there, if there is a match, I writes a free proposal covering what needs to be done to build out a marketing program. Even if I’m not a match, she’ll try to sending resources, especially because I believe that no matter what, if I can help a little bit, that I have done some good in the world.

The Process


Research & Data Analysis

  • Companies come in with a mixed bag of potential high-value customers and users.  I analyze the data to find which type of user or customer is both most likely to generate revenue and well-placed to expand sales into a company and/or other markets 

  • I then uses ethnographic research techniques to discover more about what problems these users and customers are trying to resolve

  • This also allows me to understand norms around language that different professions and communities


Campaign Planning & Testing

  • The research phase sometimes reveals potential sources of traffic and audience, as well as what marketing techniques seem to be working already

  • I correct and fully flesh out the basic funnel based on this research.  If there are no existing funnels,she creates them in a limited number of channel

  • I create early measurement and analytics plans. It helps me get a sense if the product and the marketing are finding fit with the target customer and/or user persona


Scaling & Building Marketing Operations

  • I create projections to understand what kind of resources, both human and technical, are needed to scale.   This allows for pacing of customer acquisition costs and how many new leads can be captured with a given budget

  • I plan growth loops and build analytics dashboards. This help lower customer acquisition costs and to scale effectively 

  • I then help build the marketing organizational structure while continually testing to help keep acquisition and retention costs low

She's like Mary Poppins for tech startups! She comes in, identities the core problems, and sets you up to fix it.

Jacob Baskin

Cofounder & CTO, Cord

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